Self Assessment, week 8

     When asked to make a list of my media sources, my first thought was this could take a while…   I consider all information available to me.  I often combine the data from all systems to create a theory for submission.  I develop theories that are qualified and quantified with numerous pieces of data.  My colleagues and I collaborate, argue, and discuss information as a part of theory development.  A group effort is beneficial in assessing information for bias as well as identifying personal bias.

      I reviewed my self-observation of media consumption and do not differ in the way that I research information.  However, I lack continuity when conducting research.  For example:  Each day I review the same three news sites and my google page for a specific issue.  While I consistently use the same base media for research, I don’t consistently use alternate media for researching an issue.  The only association of media is a desire to research a specific subject.

All of my sources have bias and for some sources, this is why I choose to read, view, or listen to this media and this method helps me to see my own biases.  Disagreement with an article does not mean it is wrong, incorrect, or bias but rather indicates my beliefs are interfering with an “objective” point of view.  A collaborative effort will reduce my own bias as well as the bias of the group.  This process does not remove the bias.  It simply reduces the bias.

Our initial perspectives, past experiences, and memory will contribute to bias.  The first reaction is to “pick” a side.  You start reading and assessing the article, using your past experiences, and memories to determine which “side” that you want to support.  Ideally, I would research all sides of the situation and make an assessment based on the information available.

Reprograming myself could be interesting.  The one thing that I would like to change is the constant and intricate research that I conduct.  I constantly play the “devil’s advocate” against myself and to others.  This game encourages articulate work but often I spend excessive time and resources on a specific subject.  I have been criticized for having this weakness but also praised because it is a strength.

In summing up my media bias, I feel the critical thinking and scientific methods reduce the initial bias in my judgments.  When discussing subjects/issues in a group forum, the requirements for supporting information is required for argumentation.  If I provide “bias” information, my creditability is reduced among my peers.  I use more than one assessment tool to reduce bias and develop an accurate theory.


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