Mantra Tweet, week 6

Mantra Tweet

Survivability for individuals means the acceptance of change to our society or the demise of existence.

This Mantra was derived from my Choctaw heritage and the teaching of our elders.  During the time of educating the “natives,” the American Indian nearly lost their languages and culture as the result of boarding schools and other educational institutions that allowed “English” only.  The elders realized both English and their native tongue should be learned to survive and progress in a non-traditional society.  Technology has provided society with the same dilemma the elders were faced with over 100 years ago.  If we do not embrace technology, understand, and apply the technological advances, then we (individuals/society) will perish either literally or figuratively.

In my profession, one would expect technology and its advances to embraced yet there is always a backlash of “why” the technology is not useful and this is without exception.  As a media psychologist, I would bridge the past, present, and future technology information for a better reception by my professional field.


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